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Motorcycle CB Radio

We now offer Handlebar Mounted CB Audio System JMCB-2003 for Cruiser style Motorcycles.

J&M CB radio can be installed on many makes and models by choosing CB mount bracket.

What to order..

For Solo use - CB Radio JMCB-2003-SL, Mounting Bracket, CB Antenna, One Headset, One Lower Cord.

For Driver/Passenger use - CB Radio JMCB-2003-DU, Mounting Bracket, CB Antenna, Two Headsets, Two Lower Cords.

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Motorcycle Handlebar Mounted CB Radio JMCB-2003K-SL
Part Nr : JMCB-2003K-SL
MSRP $429.99
Sale Price $295.95
Motorcycle Handlebar Mounted CB Radio JMCB-2003K-DU
Part Nr : JMCB-2003K-DU
MSRP $499.99
Sale Price $339.95
Adapter Harness for Connecting JMDM-IPBT-JCB03 to JMCB-2003B CB
Part Nr : JMDM-ADT-JCB03
MSRP $49.99
Sale Price $39.99
Cell Phone Adapter Harness for JCB03-CFRG-D Terminal
Part Nr : CFRG-D-CA01
MSRP $39.99
Sale Price $31.99